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Question-  I have seen laser marked ceramic tiles with four color pictures. Can I use TherMark / CerMark products to do four color marking?

Answer-  There are processes for four color marking on ceramic tiles based on the TherMark laser bonding technology, however we do not sell and support this process.  


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Question- How should I dispose of excess TherMark / CerMark laser marking material?

Answer- Please call your local government for more information. Each State has its own laws regarding waste regulation.


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Question-  Why can’t some CerMark/TherMark products be shipped via air freight without additional charges?

Answer-  Aerosol cans (LMM14 , LMM6000 and New Ultra ) and alcohol-based chemicals (LMM6000, LMM6038, LMM6046 ) are considered a safety risk on airplanes due to being pressurized and flammable. CerMark employees are trained and certified to ship dangerous goods via air both domestically (under DOT 49 CFR) and internationally (under IATA). While CerMark does not charge extra for this service, freight companies impose additional charges due to the added regulatory complications of these products, and we are forced to pass these along to the customer.


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Question- Is TherMark / CerMark laser marking material FDA approved?

Answer-  TherMark materials are not approved in themselves by the FDA as the FDA’s role is to approve final products rather than component materials. The FDA has, however, approved many of our customer’s finished products such as surgical tools and implants which have been marked using TherMark materials. For more information, please click here to read our Application Note on Marking for Medical Devices.


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Question- Is CerMark/TherMark laser marking material dangerous or toxic?

Answer- We recommend that workers wear safety glasses or goggles and protective gloves when applying our products and do so in a well-ventilated area as is customary whenever handling chemicals. click here to read our statement on worker safety.


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Question- Can I mark color on metal? Plastic?

Answer- Not at this time, but we are working on it. 


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Question- I would like to try LMM14 and/or LMM6000. Should I use aerosol or liquid ink?

Answer- For new users, we recommend starting with aerosol for testing purposes. Aerosol cans take the variable of dilution out of the equation and are easier to use – you only need to focus on getting the correct coating thickness and laser settings. 

We recommend switching to air brush application of liquid laser marking ink once you have some experience with our products and begin doing a larger volume of marking. This will add the additional variable of dilution to the equation, but since you are already familiar with the proper coating thickness it should be an easy switch. The economies of scale involved in switching to liquid ink are substantial: a square inch of LMM14 aerosol costs roughly $.06, while a square inch of LMM14 liquid purchased in a 1,000 gram container costs below $.02.


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Questin-  What is the difference between TherMark and CerMark?

Answer- Ferro Corporation Acquired TherMark in February 2015

TherMark Holdings’ laser marking technology has been integrated into Ferro’s Laser Marking Materials portfolio.  TherMark’s patented laser marking technology expands Ferro’s position in the high-value glass and color markets, with its unique ability to quickly, precisely and permanently fuse marking materials to ceramics, plastics, metals, glass, and other hard surfaces. 



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